At some point, Zen begrudgingly allows its relationships but not much it will make him ‘cringe’ observe Jumin very lovey-dovey
At some point, Zen begrudgingly allows its relationships but not much it will make him 'cringe' observe Jumin very lovey-dovey

Of all of the users regarding the przeglÄ…d eris RFA, Zen gets along minimum that have Jumin, exactly who he viewpoints as being a great 'trust funds jerk' who was born with a silver spoon within his throat, and thinks one to Jumin try a robotic individual that merely cares for his money along with his cat, Age the next. Zen is commonly vital to your Jumin out-of his medication on the Jaehee, disagreeing with just how much Jumin performs their assistant even after Jaehee claiming when you look at the Jumin's route one Jumin's work is more than her very own. Right down to his dislike into the Jumin, Zen tries to end him no matter what, referring to him merely since 'jerk' and you will moaning and if Jumin gets in this new talk.

But not, Zen's animosity is not reciprocated and you can Jumin keeps zero hatred into Zen, and also sees your while the a pal even with Zen's treatment for the him and you can Jumin actually delivers Zen bodyguards significantly less than threat of the new hacker inside the station. Jumin has offered modeling and you will sponsorships also offers to the Zen many times, recognizing their ability and his seems but Zen enjoys refused her or him each time, the help of its basic appointment end having Zen rejecting Jumin's offer out of employment. Its better bone from assertion comes from Zen's hatred of cats and you may Jumin's love for them - often, Jumin will send photographs of E the 3rd to the cam comprehending that, so good try Zen's allergies, it can lay Zen out of and also going so far as to take on the pet towards previous party-making Zen's hypersensitive reactions act to a really high studies. Zen will not irritate to refer to help you Elizabeth the 3rd from the the girl complete name, once you understand complete really they annoys Jumin and is the only time that he's capable mark an impulse regarding the other guy.

It is merely when you look at the Zen's route perform the a couple begin to get a hold of eyes to help you eye; Jumin is one to set up Zen as well as the MC's conference, making the needed agreements to carry the newest MC out over Zen's home even after his or her own personal religion that folks would be to never be way of life along with her or paying night with her before wedding; just fundamentally really does Zen understand Jumin's let and supply from relationship, apologising to possess misdirecting their outrage he noticed towards his sis on to Jumin, that the other child allows and when again helps make an enthusiastic bring of getting Zen become deal with regarding a tea cup venture he is implementing.

Because the game was originally invest Korean, new MC normally suggest just how Zen will not chat from inside the honorifics to Jumin, which in Korean try an indication of respect so you can someone old

The 2 considerably clash for the Jumin's route, attacking way more therefore than usual more than Jumin's procedures having the fresh MC stay in his penthouse; multiple times does Zen jeopardize Jumin to 'release' the fresh new MC, warning this new MC that Jumin try men and this a monster which she do not faith him not to do just about anything.


Jaehee and you may Zen try close friends, which have Jaehee and additionally getting a great diehard enthusiast from Zen, will complimenting him to your their looks and you may fangirling across the selfies the guy seem to delivers with the chats. Jaehee's professionalism merely fractures whenever doing Zen and this woman is really protective more than Zen and his community, concise in which she will reprimand the latest MC in the event that she suspects this new MC which have thoughts to possess Zen, perhaps the MC is in his channel or otherwise not; yet not, her protectiveness is complete away from concern to possess Zen and you will their growing prominence, are afraid that good scandal you are going to develop and you can become injuring his job.

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