You are probably considering guides regarding your hypothetical culture out-of Mu otherwise Lemuria, by the Col
You are probably considering guides regarding your hypothetical culture out-of Mu otherwise Lemuria, by the Col

Yourself, I think that language regarding Sumerian was old and much more conservative compared to words out-of Hungarian or Turkish

James Churchward. We realize people guides also while i is a young child. However, there is absolutely no place in actual human history to own such as for example a society. The sole current development which will possibly keep the disappearance off like a civilization may be the finding of one's caldera volcano off Toba hence exploded doing 70 lumen dating,000 B.C.

>Thanks really for reacting me. Better, parallels my personal novel >begins in the first area of the summerian society, I am talking about before >Sargon We and almost every other of them. > >I discuss several elements on the faith. We already know just that they >didn't trust a lifestyle after demise, otherwise inclusive that "life" is >very dark when deceased. I do want to know the identity of your own old gods, and >particular issue about their believings in the way is guess become the life >shortly after death. > >Along with in the event it you can knowing a few things regarding very first extremely important metropolises in the >summerian civilization, how was indeed assume getting the fresh new homes, this new palaces, the fresh new >Eating, otherwise Any residential factor, I am Very pleassed.

I am sorry. I am always reacting much more particular issues than just this. I cannot work from teaching you.

I will suggest that you buy and study good 1998 book, Within Canals, of the Harry Turtledove. So it blogger currently performed the backdrop look which you determine and you can they fills his publication.

> Hi: You will find checked their Proto-Sumerian Code Development Techniques >web-website again to see just what factors perform had been material terminology. Brand new >very first phrase throughout the checklist was gaba 'breast' (ga 'milk' + ba 'to give'). It’s >not my purpose so you can argument the brand new phonetic means as well as meaning while the >'milk' should be semantically linked to women's nipple and ga + ba seems >as a persuasive consolidation initially. However it isn't really thus apparent in the event the >you to looks at the fresh cuneiform signs and symptoms of ga, ba and you will gaba. None ga or ba can be >become perceived throughout the cuneiform sign of gaba which generally seems to become a different sort of >private signal itself.

The fresh spoken words have been invented well before the newest created signs. The people of authored cues had read this new verbal conditions as unbroken phonemic sequences that happen to be not any longer reviewed on elements.

> If so milk could have absolutely nothing to >create toward appellation, it just designed part of the body i phone call >'chest'. This will be verified because of the Hungarian kebel 'chest' and you can dated >Turkish gogoz 'chest'. For every o about Turkish word are marked which have dieresis. >A potential well-known source for the fresh new sources gab, keb and you will gog might not be too >difficult to get. The new Sumerian gab can be acquired in the Hungarian male >forenames Gabi and Gabor, in addition to in the surname Kabos (old function Kaba), and this >signify barrel-chested anyone. Hence the latest -an effective regarding Sumerian gaba may be >a suffix that variations adjectives. (One another -good and you can -operating-system are adjectival suffixes in >the fresh Hungarian language).

Were there normal voice-transform guidelines you to link Hungarian 'kebel' which have Turkish 'gogoz'? To your base of the Hungarian words, mention the underlying 'kopa II' meaning 'lungs' from inside the Gyula Decsy's book The latest Uralic Protolanguage: A thorough Reconstruction, Eurolingua, Bloomington, 1990.

Brand new suffix -a types nouns otherwise participial phrases into the Sumerian, very implementing your own reasoning, the fresh new nipple or breasts will be the topic one to gabs, even when Sumerian doesn't have such verb, which have hab, 'to stink', and gub, 'to stand'.

Turkish belongs to the Altaic vocabulary members of the family

This should mean that certain Hungarian vocabulary could have advanced out-of an earlier types of Sumerian. Knowledge of the cost of lexical transform have discovered your language out-of agriculture societies is particularly old-fashioned and you can resistant against changes.

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